Because of its continuous growth from its establishment at 1991, Acibadem has become a trusted and respected brand in Turkey and in other parts of the world as well.

Today Acibadem boasts 21 modern hospitals and 16 clinics located in 4 countries (Turkey, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and Macedonia).

Acibadem provides a wide range of services in all medical fields, including diagnostics and treatments in oncology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiology, gynecology, sports medicine, and more.

All hospitals are equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies. Their infrastructure is modern and designed for convenience. Each hospital operates according to high internationally acclaimed standards. In addition, Acibadem has a team of 3500 professional physicians, many of whom are world renowned. There are also 4000 nurses and 7500 people supporting staff. All in all, the company has 22 000 employees.

There are 150 employees in the international patient center who work hard to satisfy the needs of foreign patients. All international patients and their families are taken care of from the moment they arrive until the moment they return to their home country. The center provides a full range of services related to medical tourism: assistance with initial doctor consultation, hotel reservations, airport transfer, scheduling medical appointments and procedures, translation services during the treatment, assistance with insurance, and communication with the doctors after departure from home.

Acibadem Holding has its own university which is engaged in research and development work related to medicine and the training of medical professionals as well as junior, management, and administrative personnel for clinics.

You have the opportunity to receive a second opinion from one of the highly trained specialists that work within the network of ACIBADEM health centers. If you are in need of an independent medical consultation, send us your medical history along with your test results. Our physicians will give their professional opinion regarding your condition, the appropriate course of treatment, and the possibility for you to travel to Turkey for medical assistance.