Patient Center

The aim of the Turkmed international patient center is to ensure that...



Acibadem provides a wide range of services in all medical fields, including...



TurkMed can offer a variety of treatment methods in all medical fields...



The most innovative technology used in diagnosing early stages of...


Our Mission

Our main priority is to provide you with timely medical assistance from the best practitioners in the field and access to the highest-grade medical equipment.


Turk Med partners with the largest private health companies in Turkey, Acibadem, in order to provide highly specialized medical assistance and highly effective treatments for various types of health conditions. The hospitals are modernized and are equipped with medical technology of the highest class. These facilities are multidisciplinary and patients are always approached in a highly qualified manner which is coherent with the internationally recognized standards for quality and safety in healthcare. Our team can aid you in obtaining medical information depending on your needs. You can expect assistance with consultations, diagnosis, transportation, hospitalization, insurance, and every other issue unique to your condition. You have the opportunity to receive a second opinion from one of the highly trained specialists that work within the network of ACIBADEM health centers. If you are in need of an independent medical consultation, send us your medical history along with your test results. Our physicians will give their professional opinion regarding your condition and the appropriate course of treatment. Ensuring the safety and comfort of the patients is our main goal.