Turkmed international patient center

The aim of the Turkmed international patient center is to ensure that foreign patients have all their needs met throughout their treatment and recovery period. In the center, all patients who are not Turkish citizens are able to receive primary medical consultation on their native language and get administered for treatment.

The patients center provides the following services:

  • Initial consultation and assistance with receiving an opinion from an independent physician
  • Planning of diagnostics and treatment
  • Estimating the cost of treatments
  • Hotel reservations
  • Arranging free transportation from the airport and all visits to the clinic
  • Assisting with the translation of medical records
  • Providing copies of all medical records after consultations
  • Assisting with payment procedures after the treatment
  • Support with applications with international insurance companies
  • Coordinating communications with physicians after discharge from the clinic


If you are interested in a consultation with a doctor, we suggest that you send your complete medical history as well as your test results by email, fax, or traditional postal services. As soon as the application has been reviewed, we will get in contact with you in order to recommend a course of treatment and discuss the possibility for you to travel to Turkey.

In case traveling to Turkey is recommended, a specialist from our international patient center will administer a personalized plan for you that includes the necessary medical consultations and tests.


We understand that the language barrier is one of the main concerns when applying at a foreign clinic; therefore, we make sure that our patients have no such issue throughout their treatments. The employees at the international patient center are fluent in Bulgarian, Russian, and English. They will assist you in translating medical files, arranging transportations and transfers, communicating with physicians, etc. Specialized translators will accompany you throughout your entire stay at the hospital.


The consultants at the international patient center will help you find accommodation options suitable for your specific needs in advance.


Acibadem provides transportation from and to the airport/train station free of charge. We can also arrange transport from Bulgaria to Turkey (the cost depends on your location.


Before arriving at the Acibadem clinic, the patient receives a treatment plan along with an estimated cost. Note that the actual costs may vary from the initial estimation.

Furthermore, all Acibadem health centers are cooperating with various international insurance providers, and you will be assisted in receiving insurance coverage.

If you have an insurance policy or if your country’s embassy can fund your health expenses, the invoice for your treatment will be sent directly to your insurance provider or the embassy. It is important to note that the insurance coverage may vary depending on the provider and that it may not cover all the expenses related to the treatment. In such circumstances, you are financially responsible for the expenses.

Payments for services that are not covered by the insurance must be completed before the beginning of the treatment.